Black Eagle Maverick

Inspiration inspires genius.


Introducing the Black Eagle Maverick, our most intelligent and user-friendly coffee machine to date.


Here we will take you through our journey, what inspired the Maverick concept and how we brought our creation to life. We’ll take you through the key stages of the machine’s development, from the inside to the outside, before touching on some conversations with the baristas, those Mavericks that have turned the humble cup of coffee into something beyond a form of art.

Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 200-300
  • Dimension (h x w x d): 17″x 32″ x 30″
  • Water Source: Attached Waterline or Water Gallon
  • Power: 6900W
  • Voltage: 220V


  • PureBrew technology-three-phase extraction (pre-infusion, infusion, post infusion) method that uses pulsating frequencies of water pressure to release the purest flavour.
  • PureBrew Coffee Filter-conical, basket with a micro-thin double mesh that can contain up to 20 grams of coffee.
  • 37 percent less energy consumption.
  • Recipe settled for 250 ml (dose out) and the barista will set the coffee roasted level -light, medium or dark- to produce one of the most refined filter coffees you’ll ever taste.
  •  Advanced Steam by Wire system which offers three added controls to purge and divide the steam between jugs of different capacities. 
  • 2.1 bar steam pressure to accommodate high volume releasing high-quality dry steam. 
  • Control the heat of water while using less power from the engine or utilizing limited energy to fire up the steam wand.
  • Recycles as much of the energy it uses as is possible thanks to the use of TERS, Thermal Energy Recovery System which uses left-over energy scraps to pre-heat the incoming water.  
  • Recover the temperature from our motor cooling system, thanks to a specially designed tube that passes around the motor, in addition to recovering the thermal energy that comes from the pump and the drip tray
  • Only heats the necessary amount of water for extraction to your ideal temperature in seconds. 

Technical Specs

Steam boiler capacity
Cups per hour
200 espresso & 100 cappuccino/latte
Dimension (h x w x d)
17"x 32" x 30"
Coffee boiler capacity
Cups per day
Water Source
Attached Waterline or Water Gallon

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