Eagle Tempo

Poetry in Motion.

Eagle Tempo coffee machine by Victoria Arduino the ultimate solution for restaurants, roasteries, chains, bakeries, patisseries, hotels, and coffee shops that simply want to deliver good coffee and plant-based drinks.
And as with all of Victoria Arduino’s coffee equipment, the Eagle Tempo is committed to sustainability, providing bespoke technology and elegant design.

Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 200-300
  • Dimension (h x w x d)cm:  41.6 x 82.5 x 65
  • Water Source: Attached Waterline or Water Gallon
  • Power: 6000W
  • Voltage: 230 – 380V



  • Touch Screen Display- Allows the barista to read brewing information, create recipes, change settings and navigate auxiliary functions in an instant.
  • High Volume and insulated boilers to grant high productivity for coffee and milk based drinks and to reduce energy dispersions.
  • TERS -Patented system T.E.R.S. (Thermal Energy Recovery system), uses the discharged water to pre-heat the incoming water through a recycling method to minimize waste.
  • Pre-programmed recipes-Five buttons for different pre-programmed coffee recipes.
  • NEO TECH-The new NEO Tech engine (New Engine Optimization) guarantees high performance while reducing the energy consumption of the machine by using up to 29% less energy than the previous model by employing multi-boiler technology, an instant heating system
  • Steam by wire-Quality dry steam for super cream. It generates a perfect vortex of milk in the steam pitcher that optimizes the micronization of the milk
  • Soft infusion system– To minimize risks of tamping mistakes (No tamping required)

Technical Specs

Steam Boiler Capacity
Net Weight
Dimension (h x w x d)
 41.6 x 82.5 x 65 cm
Coffee Boiler Capacity
Cups per day
Water Source
Attached Waterline or Water Gallon
230 – 380V

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