The EK43 provides the most even extraction of the coffee’s valuable aroma and is known to be a guarantor for an outstanding taste experience and a symbol of quality. Its special shape has become an icon within the international barista scene, which feels deeply connected to the EK43 by its shared passion for coffee.

Quick Overview

  • Bean hopper capacity: approx. 1500 g

  • Max. nominal power: 1300 W

  • Voltage/Frequency: 220-240 V/50/60 Hz

  • Burr diameter: 98 mm

  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 23 x 82.8 x 41 cm


  • Outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste
  • Premium cast steel burrs
  • Robust grinder with high grinding capacity
  • Suitable for different applications: filter, espresso, or turkish fine coffee grinding
  • Grinding of other grists such as spices, grain, poppy-seed and linseed is possible with individual burrs and prebreaker
  • Easy and precise grind adjustment

Technical Specs

Bean hopper capacity:
approx. 1500 g
Max. nominal power:
1300 W
220-240 V/50/60 Hz
Burr diameter:
98 mm
Dimensions (w x d x h):
23 x 82.8 x 41 cm
Net weight:
26 kg
Gross weight:
30 kg

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