Office Control 1 Group

Office is a small and compact espresso machine that goes just as well in the office as at home. Despite its size, the machine is, of course, built with the same well-tested technology and genuine craftsmanship as all the other Expobar machines.

Quick Overview

  • Cups per day: 50-100
  • Dimension (h x w x d): 16.1″ x 9.8″ x 16.5″
  • Water Source: Refill of water tank
  • Power: 2065W
  • Voltage: 230V 60Hz


  • Mini automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group
  • Electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically
  • 2.75 liters water tank
  • Copper boiler with 1.5 liters capacity with heat exchanger per group
  • One steam tap and one hot water tap

Technical Specs

Machine Type
Dimension (h x w x d)
16.1" x 9.8" x 16.5"
230V 60Hz
Cups per day
Water Source
Refill of water tank

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